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 We have relocated to our new community in Giles County, Tennessee just outside the city of Pulaski.

We purchased 10 acres in Tennessee that was once part of the original Milky Way Farms owned by
Franklin Mars (Mars Candy Company) on 2009. It is located in South central Tennessee about 90 minutes South of Nashville and about 50 minutes North of Huntsville, Alabama.  The elevation is about 800 feet
and lots of scattered trees and beautiful views.

Here is where we will keep a better update now and Billie is also posting much of the progress on her Facebook page.


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Some of our other activities include traveling in our motorcoach. This is our 2000 Beaver Contessa, 38 foot diesel pusher.  We are having a great time traveling in this beautiful rig.  These photos were taken at the Fairground in Dixon, California during a dog show.  


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We did some repaint work to the Contessa we have talked about for many years. In October 2017 we repainted the white with root beer brown.
It is a whole different look.






We have played around with classic cars over the years but really got involved in 2005 when I bought the 55 Chevy. There is a complete page
on the 55 Chevy here on our site. 

As we were working on the 55 Chevy, we bought a 1929 Model A Ford. It was pretty stock and a lot of fun for car shows and cruises.
We would dress up like gangsters and drive it to events.


Here is a photo taken in front of the Milky Way Farms Manor House for the P.A.C.E. Car Club 2018 annual calendar.
Also a photo taken in front of our shop for the 2019 calendar. This is the 54 Chevy
"Tin Woodie" wagon, 55 Chevy sedan, 65 Ford Falcon.



65 Ford Falcon - 351w with 5-speed trans. We traded the 29 Model A for this before leaving California. I recently removed the
bench seat and installed bucket seats and console.



This a 54 Chevy "Tin Woodie" I bought from a gentleman in Filmore, CA. I went out and trailered it home. It is pretty stock,
6 cylinder, 3-speed on the column. This photo was taken at Cars and Coffee in Columbia, TN.



Last year, I bought Billie a 37 Ford truck to restore. This is the day I picked it up in Georgia. The plan is to build it
with a ford 351w, fuel injection, Ford AOD automatic transmission, Ford Explorer rear differential, A/C, power steering,
power brakes, the works.


Since I like to tinker, I picked up this 1980 Honda C70 Passport. It has low mileage, but was abused. It runs fine, it just
needed a lot of TLC. The seat was pretty much gone. No key or battery. Missing side cover and only part of the front
fender. I received another front fender when I bought it, just not the correct color. I think someone connected a 12v battery
it at some point as every light was fried. I replaced all the bulbs, cleaned the grounding and everything works as it should.
I bought a battery, installed it with new cables and picked up a new cover. I painted the cover and fender. The fuel tank was
cleaned and re-installed with new lines, fuel filters, and petcock. Found a seat on eBay.

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