This page contains photos of aircraft under construction.  I will add photos as projects progress through different steps.


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These photos are of my Nosen Cessna 310G.  I have been working on it for about too many years.  I build just a little at a time as it is quite a project and I don't want it to burn me out.   Wingspan is 120" and will weigh around 32-35 lbs.  It will fly on 2 - JC EVO 28 gas engines.  It is equipped with Likes Line retracts.  It will have a full cockpit and lighting system. I have also purchased the G & L Hobbies fiberglass fuse and parts for finish this plane.


These photos are of my Century Jet Models Sea Fury. I have had this one for way too long as well. These are photos at my friend John's shop in Kentucky. We worked on it together and completed the airframe. I will need to do some detail work and paint it in the Australian Royal Navy scheme. It will be powered with an EME 70 twin with onboard electric start.  



While at Joe Nall 2017, I flew the 97" GeeBee Y and the landing gear came loose on my last landing. After returning home, I repaired and strengthened the landing gear mounts. At that time, I also decided to embark on a project I have thought about many times. I then stripped down the plane to replace the film covering with fabric to make it more realistic. I also made some improvements to the airframe and thought it would be best to replace the CA hinges with nylon pinned hinges. Life got in the way and other projects kept me from progressing any more until recently. I'm in the process of finishing the Coverite 21st Century lemon yellow fabric. When it warms up again. I can add the black paint and red trim and get it flying again.




These photos are showing the black paint applied then the red pin striping. It turned out real nice.




While at Joe Nall in the Fall, I purchased some engines from a gentleman there. He was appreciative and gave me a Goldberg Tiger 60. I should have taken photos of it when
I got it. It was pretty rough and needed major TLC. I stripped it and went over the frame. The original builder never sanded the leading or trailing edges of anything except the leading edge of the wing. I took care of all that. Also bought a new canopy and built a canopy frame to make the installation look much cleaner that original design. I made servo hatches in the bottom of the wing for the aileron servos as the original build just has the servos hanging out the bottom of the wing. Included in the modifications was to leave out the dowels for control rods and added nyrod for rudder and elevator. Billie picked out the trim scheme that we found online and I picked the colors from what I had in my inventory. I ordered some low tack templates from Callie's Graphics and cut out everything in Monokote. It turned out better than I imagined. It is now ready to fly.


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