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     About 2 years ago, I happened into a deal on this Balsa USA 1/3 scale FlyBaby Biplane.  It was originally built by a member of my club.  His name is Milt DeGroodt.  When Milt built this plane about 10 years ago, he  covered it in the original scheme with red and yellow Monokote.  You can see the original look in the top photo.  It was powered my a Homelite 2.5 cu. in. gas engine.  My replacement choice was a Zenoah G-45.  I also reworked the flying wires and took it out for a test flight.  This is a very nice flying airplane.  I decided to fly it for a while, but wanted to recover it with fabric.  While in Washington, I stripped it down to bare wood and made some modifications to it and recovered it in the blue and yellow Coverite 21st Century fabric.  The aluminum landing gear is not scale, but the unique thing about it is that it is Powder Coated.  It is better than paint as it will not chip, crack or peel.  The scheme is from a full scale FlyBaby monoplane owned by Dave Koseruba in North Carolina.  My friend Charles from CFC Graphics cut the graphics package for me.  I am very pleased with the way it came out and it will be a hit at any fly-in. There is also a photo on landing approach at Salinas Area Modelers field.  And then... of course... I like big biplanes.  The last photo was sent to me by my friend Jim Collin from Palo Alto, California.


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This is a project that has been in the works for over 6 years.  Billie fell in love with a Lancair IV at the World Championship Giant Scale air races in Rio Vista, California in 1996.  She insisted that I build one.  I happily agreed.  It took a lot of time and some headscratching over those 6 years among many other excuses, but it is now finished and it was successfully test flown on May 25, 2003.  As you can see, there are 5 photos taken at Madera, California.  You can also see Rick and me in one photo with our Lancairs together.  My Lancair IV is from Wendel Hostetler plans, with a KT Aviation fiberglass fuselage.  It has a composite wing, Gene Barton retracts and is powered with a Zenoah 4.45 twin.  Rick's is the Great Planes ARF Lancair ES.  80" wingspan with an OS .91FX.  It flies great and looks great in the air as well as on the ground. 


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My friend Stan Davison from Antioch, CA built this Stinson Reliant SR8 in 1992-93.  It is now mine as he graciously sold it to me.  It was built from an IKON Northwest kit and is powered with a Walker 2.6 Sachs gas engine.  It looks very nice on the ground and in the air.




These photos were taken of my planes a Castle Airport at IMAA Rally of Giants 2006.  In the photos you will see a Scratch built Curtiss Goshawk biplane,  Ikon Northwest Stinson Reliant SR8, 97" Pacific Aeromodel Gee Bee Model Y and a WildHare RC composite Sukhoi SU-31 owned by my friend Alan Cluff.




These are photos of my ModelTech P-47 ARF.  I picked it up for a reasonable price and decided to use it for a break-in platform for my RCS 140 gas engines that
will eventually go into my Nosen Cessna 310G.  It balanced perfect with this engine and I just test ran it.  It sounds really good and seems to have lots of power to fly this baby around.



These 3 photos were taken of my Seagull Models Spacewalker II ARF.  The plane was given to me by my good friend Bill Lively and the engine is a O.S. .50FX given to me by my friend Earl Bolton.  These two made for a great combo.  The ARF kit was very nice and includes a lot of nice details.  The only changes I made was to change the location of the motor mount to allow me to use the O.S. .50 with the pitts style muffler and included a Ernst engine thrust plate to give it some right thrust.  I also cut more scale inlets in the front of the cowl for looks and ventilation as it was solid.  I did not like the wheel pants as original as they were solid red.  I cut some matching yellow vinyl to add the somewhat scale design and top-coated them with clear.  Today - July 13, 2008 was a good day for a test flight.  I took it out to my new club field - Gold Country Flyers in Ione, CA for its maiden voyage.  The engine fired right up as if it had already run and just purred like you would expect from an OS engine.  After a range check and a taxi test it was off flying.  The engine provides plenty of power and I did some nice 4 point rolls, snap rolls, inverted flight and low slow passes.  It flies very nice and I think it is a keeper to go along with my 1/3 scale Sig Spacewalker.



For many years, I have been interested in trying my hand a float plane flying.  I have been to many float fly events and pitted for others but did not have my
own plane.  I finally got the bug again as I am about to take a vacation and spend 5 days at a local float fly event.  This is a World Models Sky Raider fun fly type plane given to me by my friend Bill as it is not his kind of plane.  He won it at a club raffle and I have had it in the attic for some time.  So, I bought a nice set of fiberglass floats and gathered information on the proper setup of a float plane.  Here it is ready for it's maiden voyage.



And for an flies great and draws a lot of attention and comments.  Here I am a Camp Far West Lake in May 2009 for the five day float fly.  I brought 2 planes to fly.  The other is the NitroModels PBY Catalina.  It is cool and very easy to fly.


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