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Due to the limited space and tools here in Washington,  I thought it was time to venture out and try a new ARF project.  This is a World Models Zero 60 ARF.  It has a 60" wingspan and weighs about 8 lbs.  It is powered by an OS .91 Surpass w/pump and turns a 13X8 Master Airscrew Scimitar prop.  The first test flight resulted in a very unfavorable ending.  The assembly manual has wrong throws for the control surfaces.  They are actually 2X what they are supposed to be.  Needless to say, it was very uncontrollable and I broke a few things getting it back on the ground.  After the repair and re-adjusting the throws, it has 3 more flights on it at the time these photos were taken.  I had been told the Zero was a good flyer and it is true.  It flies quite nicely and executes crisp maneuvers with little effort.  The .91 Surpass hauls it around at lightning speed and vertical is incredible.  It will perform all the tricks in the book, unlike the full scale Zero.  I am very impressed and pleased with this plane.  These photos were taken at the Mt. Rainier Radio Control Society club field as you can see the mountain covered with snow in the background. 


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Since the Zero 60 ARF turned out so good, and I was still in Washington with my limited building environment... so why not try another ARF warbird only a little larger.  This is the World Models 80" P-51 GS.  The original one that was first produced was the Miss America version.  This version has flaps, larger wheels and a little sturdier landing gear.  I have outfitted this one with an OS 1.60FX with Pro-Spark ignition.  Tom Perry (The Engine Doctor) in Florida installed the ignition.  I am currently running the engine with a 3W 18X10 prop.  The engine idles at 1600 rpm and runs at 7300 rpm on top end and producing 19 lbs of thrust and running very rich during break-in.  I did some other modifications to the plane.  It has all 4-40 rods on ailerons, flaps and elevator.  I used the supplied bellcrank assembly through the fuselage.  Another good choice was using a carbon fiber rod assembly from Central Hobbies rather that the pull-pull hardware to drive the elevator.  The wing is equipped with Futaba 9304s on ailerons and flaps.  The elevator and rudder have 9303s.  As you can see in 2 of the close-up photos, I also permanently attached the tail assembly and used epoxy with micro balloons and silver paint to fill the gaps and make small fillets.  The other photo shows the most important aesthetic modification. Added wing fillets using 1/64 aircraft plywood and lightweight spackle with CA.  A little silver Lusterkote paint to match and it makes a big difference to the overall look.  At the time of the photos, it has not been test flown. Since these photos were taken, I have upgraded the retracts .  The original mechanicals were replaced with Spring-Air # 404s with Lite-Flyte custom struts.  It was an easy installation with very little modification to the stock mounts.  It will make all the difference in the world for ground handling. The P-51 now has 3 flights on it and flies great.  We clocked it on radar at 82 mph.


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 The above photos are of my Pacific Aeromodel Gee Bee Model "Y" ARF.  It has an 82" wingspan and is equipped with a 3W-24 gas engine turning a 3W 18X8 wood prop.  It turns the prop at 7600 rpm.  I built a PVC transport rack for it as you can see in the first photo.  The second and third photos show my installation of the 3W-24, with a fabricated 1/4" aircraft plywood plate to mount the engine and then bolted the whole assembly to the firewall with 1/4 X 20 bolts through nylon standoffs purchased at most any hardware store. This is required to accommodate the rear carburetor.  The engine fits entirely in the cowl and is a very clean installation.  You can see the ignition battery mounted on the side of the standoffs.  Photos four thru six show some of my preferred gear installation.  Servos hanging out of the tail section is not scale looking and I could also avoid adding any nose weight to compensate for the extra weight in the tail.  It has a pull-pull system for the rudder with a Futaba 9303 servo.  And for the elevator, I used a bellcrank/bar assembly through the fuselage with short aluminum rods to each elevator half.  The entire assembly is driven with a carbon fiber rod attached to a Futaba 9303 servo.  With this setup, I placed the receiver battery in the bottom of the fuselage  behind the wing saddle and it balances perfectly with no added weight.   The last photo does not do the GBY justice, but I used 1/16" Silver Hanger 9 Ultrastripe to trim out the red.  It is very subtle and looks great.  The aileron servos are Futaba 9304s.  The plane weighs in at 15.5 pounds.  The test flight on November 17, 2002 was a success and I should really enjoy this one.  It looks beautiful in the air and flies quite easily. Photos 8 and 9 were just added.  These were taken at our flying field in Stockton, California.  It was a beautiful February day about 65 degrees with only a hint of a breeze. Seemed like Spring.  Here it is in all her glory and there I am basking in my glory with this excellent flier at the Salinas IMAA meet along with some flight photos.


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Yes, I'm still ARFing.  This is my Sig Sukhoi SU-31.  76" wingspan with a Taurus - 42, 2.6 2-stroke gas engine.  It was test run just before the photos on the right were taken.  Pro-Zinger 22X8 prop turns a 6800 rpm. The engine runs real nice.  I was concerned about the performance and flight characteristics as it weighs in at about 17.5 lbs.  It has been test flown as of August 16, 2003.  I made 2 flights on it and it is awesome.  It flies true and seems very light.  Landings are no problem, as it floats like a feather.  The first photo shows the engine installation.  The next 2 photos show the detail of the dummy radial engine.  I thought it might be a nice touch.



Well...I had a mishap with the beautiful Sig Sukhoi.  I stalled it on a landing approach and cart-wheeled wasn't pretty.  However, I decided it was not that bad and that it could be repaired.  After numerous attempts to find matching paint to touch-up the cowl, I discovered the only way is an automotive paint store.  If I was going to go through all that, why not change it so it doesn't look like any other Sig Sukhoi.  The photos below are the final result.  It looks great!


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Well...our friend Rick Maida talked us into getting involved in the T-34 Racing circuit.  It didn't really take much convincing as it looks like a real kick.  So I went to work on my T-34 and of course, the Taco Bell theme came to mind because of the Chihuahuas.  As you can see, my friend Charles at CFC Graphics fixed me up and we even have Chihuahua pilots.  I now have one race under my belt and the plane has about 20 flights on it.  It is everything they said it would be.   The plane flies like it is on a wire and the racing is even more fun than I could have expected.  Check out the racing website a and come on out to watch the fun.

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Speaking of is a photo of Rick and Me at the 2002 Giant Scale races at Eagle Field in Dos Palos, California.  This is Rick's Tsunami with a 40hp 290cc Herbrandson engine.  This photo appeared in the February 2003 edition of RC Air World magazine published in Japan.  I guess we are now internationally known.


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