Jon's ARF Building Service

Model Airplane Builder in Pulaski, Tennessee


World Models T-34 ARF built for pylon racing


Building Only ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) airplanes for people who do not have the time, tools or experience.  Planes are built with extra special care by an experienced builder.

Local building work and delivery preferred, however shipping is an option. 

Reasonable rates and turn around times.


Call or Text Jon at (916) 769-1536 (leave message).

Here are some completed projects for my customers.

arfpitts1.jpg (112537 bytes)          arfpitts2.jpg (95447 bytes)          arfpitts3.jpg (121896 bytes)

This is a Cermark Pitts S2B ARF in blue and white scheme I built for Alan Cluff in Tracy, California.  It is equipped with a Zenoah G-26 converted to electronic ignition by RC Ignition. It has all Hitec digital servos.   

images/alansuk.jpg (107568 bytes)          images/alansuk2.jpg (113460 bytes)          images/alansuk3.jpg (117211 bytes)

This is a Cermark Sukhoi SU-31 ARF, also in blue.  This is Alan Cluff's with a Zenoah G-26 on stock ignition and Hitec radio system.  This is a nice kit and it went together well.

                                                      alanwaco1.jpg (42267 bytes)             alanwaco2.jpg (45673 bytes)              alanwaco3.jpg (52181 bytes)  

This is a Kangke Waco.  Another for the Alan Cluff fleet.  It is powered with a ZDZ 40 and Hitec servos with JR radio.  This kit was very nice and assembled well with very little extra thinking.  Beautifully finished plane.  I flies absolutely wonderful.

                                                                                     acbipes.jpg (55244 bytes)

This is a photo of a "Happy Camper".  Alan Cluff with the 2 biplanes I have built for him.

                                                     pitts12a.jpg (76865 bytes)           pitts12b.jpg (60779 bytes)           pitts12c.jpg (69993 bytes) 
Alan has me at it again.  This is a Goldberg Pitts Model 12 ARF in blue and yellow scheme I built for Alan.  It is equipped with a Zenoah G-26 converted to electronic ignition by RC Ignition and has all Hitec digital servos.


Alan has me at it yet again.  This is the Great Planes 1/3 scale Pitts S2B ARF.  It is outfitted with a Fuji 50 magneto version and Hitech servos.  It balanced perfect with this combination.


This is for a new customer, Don in Elk Grove, California.  Don wanted a low wing trainer/sport plane.  I was able to find this AT-40 for him at a very reasonable price.  It is designed after the Goldberg Tiger II.  It is powered with an OS.46FX.  It is a nice quality ARF  and it should easily fly as good as it looks.


This is for another new customer, Ted in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The is an older ARF from Global Hobbies.  It is a .46 size model of Wayne Handley's Raven.  It is a nice looking plane and should fly nice with the Magnum .46 engine.


Ted in Las Vegas decided he wanted me to do it again.  This is a Cermark Sukhoi with a Magnum .46 engine.  It turned out to be quite a nice little plane. 


Alan now has this Wild Hare Composite Sukhoi that I built for him.  It is powered by an RC Ignitions Zenoah G-62 and Hitec servos.         


Alan is at it again with this Aerotech Models Pitts Python that I built for him.  It is powered by a Brison 3.2 and Hitec servos.


This TopFlite B-25 is for my good friend Jose in Stockton.  It is powered with Saito 82 4 strokes and has Robart retracts.



This is the EFlite Piper Pawnee I built for one of our club members - Dick.  It has a 62 inch wingspan and is outfitted with EFlite motor and speed control.

More of my work can be seen on my website at:


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